2018’s best innovations in aviation and aerospace recruitment?
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Sophie Wild shares recruitment intelligence
Why bother with print? Harness the power of multi-platform recruitment.

Integration boosts ad performance

Print ads keep delivering in the digital era

This is consensus from the team here at Flight Jobs. We’ve found that when campaigns combine our respected print media with targeted online advertising, they receive up to 60 per cent more responses than online media alone.

Print advertisements may not seem as exciting as digital. And I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a print-only campaign. But I continue to see strong results when recruiters integrate hardcopy and digital elements in their campaigns.

Flight International, the oldest continuously published aviation magazine, is a vital part of this recruitment strategy. As the expert voice of the aviation and aerospace industries, it has reported on and shaped the business for more than a century. With a potential weekly audience of hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide, and content that strongly appeals to flight crew, engineers and the aerospace industry, its pages can broaden the reach of recruitment campaigns.

What the statistics say

I’d like to share an example with you from a low cost European carrier
In 2016 our campaign for this client included online and digital elements, for 3 roles.

In 2017 the same client switched to an online-only approach. The average response rate was less than half the integrated campaign.

While I can’t share the numbers, here’s a scaled comparison of the conversion rates for all 13 roles.

And despite posting 10 roles, even the number of total views was lower. The online-only package reduced the recruiter’s visibility, impacting the overall number of candidates viewing their advertisements and in turn reducing applications.

With over 3 times the amount of jobs live you would certainly expect views to be much higher, which highlights straight away the importance and strength of a well-rounded, multi-platform package.

Why does print work so well?

Print publications – and particularly Flight International – have a long and respected history in the aviation industry

There are some key reasons why print continues to be effective – especially for aviation and aerospace audiences.

  • Stable, existing audience. Print has been an effective medium for building your recruiter brand and advertising roles for decades. While new media offer exciting opportunities, it’s important to remember that hardcopy magazines are still a cherished part of everyday life for many people – including your audience.
  • Brand alignment. The reputation and heritage of Flight International are respected by aviation and aerospace professionals globally. Recruiter branding is complemented by a prestigious environment, created by specialist journalists, with loyal readers who trusts its news and analysis.
  • Credibility. Print advertisements are trusted more than other media. In one recent study, print advertisements were trusted by over 50% an audience, whereas less than 16% trusted online advertising. In fact, in most European countries trust in print media is increasing.
  • Memorability. Tangible, printed content is more memorable than transient digital images, even if readers are exposed for the same amount of time.
  • Unique audience. Flight International has a dedicated readership who actively check the recruitment sections, as well as engaging with brand-building content. (This was really noticeable in the example above with the low cost European carrier.)

Flight Jobs can recommend the perfect blend of print and digital elements for your next campaign

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