In-flight connectivity is the big topic at the moment for anyone who regularly travels by air.

The ability to enjoy the same level of connectivity while airborne as you enjoy on the ground is something of a holy grail for all involved. After all, passengers don’t want their browsing experience to end at the gate.

With improved wi-fi speeds and consistency comes the ability to fully enjoy social media during the flight or for those that need to work, to send and receive emails or continue with vital presentations.

Although slow to take hold in Europe so far, the US air transport fleet is already seeing high take-up of various connectivity systems. And that’s not to mention what’s happening in the business aviation sector either, where customer demand is even greater.

And for aircraft operators there are further benefits from a more connected aircraft, such as real-time weather and flight plan updates or live downloads of system data to enable enhanced maintenance planning.

Whatever the reasons for installation, there are advantages for all involved. These pages will attempt to shine a light on what’s happening in the industry and outline the benefits we may all see.