Discover the 3DEXPERIENCE at the Paris Air Show

Dassault Systèmes future factory

Credit: Dassault Systèmes

Aerospace and defence companies are developing future factory or manufacturing 4.0 strategies to improve performance and remain competitive


Getting to grips with new materials and production methods is crucial for any aerospace manufacturer keen to keep ahead of competitors. Dassault Systèmes is at the Paris Air Show to demonstrate how its products and services can assist with agility in the workplace and supply chain.

Agile manufacturing is less of a buzzword and more of a mantra for manufacturers in the aerospace & defence (A&D) industry who want to keep pace with the myriad changes affecting their materials and processes, but anticipate them well in advance and use what they have learned to futureproof their products.

Dassault Systèmes, a partner to the aerospace and defence industry for more than 30 years, has the tools and expertise to help aerospace companies stay ahead of the competition. Dassault Systèmes enables companies to accelerate their innovations, from conceptualisation through to launch, and beyond, by focusing on advanced product development and manufacturing.

That is why the multinational software company partnered with the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) to launch the 3DEXPERIENCE® Center on the campus of Wichita State University. It is also why Dassault Systèmes invites attendees at this year’s Paris Air Show to visit its stand to learn more about pioneering approaches that help to put their companies at the forefront of design, manufacturing and more as they exploit new technology.

Aircraft of the future need to be greener, quieter, faster, lighter and more affordable, but they must also be delivered on time, on budget and with the flexibility to incorporate evolving technology. To do so requires agility across all functions, from engineering to manufacturing to marketing to the supply chain, and central to that agility is collaboration.

Dassault Systèmes robotic factory

Credit: Dassault Systèmes

Aerospace and defence companies use both digital planning and manufacturing to optimize production rates

At the 3DEXPERIENCE Center in the USA, labs and collaboration rooms provide customers with hands on experience to focus on developing new materials, and advanced product development, advanced manufacturing and certification. The Center enables Industry 4.0 through expertise, technology, smart processes and 3DEXPERIENCE platform and solutions.

Composite materials are already revolutionising the aircraft manufacturing sector, but this is just the beginning. The advent of additive and subtractive manufacturing and 3D printing will eventually enable companies to design and manufacture any shape – lifting the shackles of tried and tested moulds and opening up new possibilities for future designs.

Add to this the potential to significantly improve production times and considerably reduce waste, and it is easy to see the importance of embracing a new approach that enables companies to build such futuristic developments into their corporate thinking, in a virtual, risk-free environment.

As Dassault Systèmes vice-president aerospace and defence Michel Tellier puts it: “Looking toward the future, additive manufacturing capabilities, in tandem with simulation tools that optimise design and manufacturing, will lead to design innovation not yet imagined.”

Through its partnership with NIAR in Wichita, Dassault Systèmes will target the development of new applications for additive manufacturing, “to evolve airplane design, production and operation into a new era”, says Tellier.

With this in mind, and with 3D printing representing just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to paradigm-shifting new technologies for the aerospace and defence industry, companies cannot afford to be anything but agile when conceptualising, designing and manufacturing tomorrow’s aircraft.

The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform stands ready to guide companies through this agility course, and provide the capabilities and know-how to ensure that innovation takes off and remains airborne.​