How can Deals on Flight Fleets Analyser help you?

Identify potential customers

By researching who is trading which aircraft and the types of deals they are doing, you can identify potential areas of growth and find new opportunities or partners.

Keep up with the latest deals and market developments

Getting an overview of the deals taking place can help you understand the financial landscape for commercial aircraft, such as the percentage split between Capital Markets and ECA funding.

See what deals your competition are doing

Monitor the deals your competition is doing and their relationships in the industry so you can stay ahead of the market.

Get an insight into the experience and connections of potential customers and clients

Understand the profile of a prospect or client, such as who have they dealt with in the past and how experienced are they in a particular type of deal.

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Deals on Flight Fleets Analyzer provides:
The most complete aircraft finance deals database on the market
Provides complete data on the type of aircraft involved in a deal with full specifications, the type of deal that took place, what companies were involved and the value of the deal.
Seamlessly connected to fleets data through Flight Fleets Analyzer
Easy to manipulate and segment data with filters applying across the whole of Flight Fleets Analyzer allowing you to dive into the detail of the individual aircraft involved in a deal and providing one-click access to the profiles of the companies.