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FlightGlobal Trips & Waivers Solutions

FlightGlobal offers travel disruption management solutions to drive down costs and improve the traveler experience. FlightGlobal contributes to business travel management services provided by corporate travel management companies (TMCs), via travel alerts for a long list of flight disruption types such as flight cancellations, delays and diversions, as well as push data to third party travel apps and itinerary tools for the corporate travel management company (TMC).

Current Industry Challenges
Unnecessary costs: when travelers do not know airline waivers apply to their trip
Increased call center volume: increases costs
Reactive vs. proactive re-accommodation (direct and indirect booking channels)
Delayed re-accommodation: traveler stress and decreased loyalty
Re-accommodation can lead to duty of care gaps (traveler tracking)
Travelers expect both timely notifications of disruption and self & full-service options
FlightGlobal Trips and Waiver Solutions Suite
Traveler Trip Alerts

Traveler Trip Alerts

  • • API delivery
  • • Email delivery
  • • SMS
Traveler Trip Alerts

Travel Waiver Services

  • • API delivery
  • • Email delivery
  • • User interface
Traveler Trip Alerts

Agent Trip Alerts

  • • API delivery
  • • Email delivery
  • • Integration with Trip Assist UI
Traveler Trip Alerts

Trip Analytics

  • • Trip outcome
  • • Trip Assist outcome
  • • Waiver reports
Traveler Trip Alerts

Trip Status

  • • Request/Response
  • • Push-stream
Traveler Trip Alerts

Disruption Management UI (Trip Assist)

  • • Itinerary lookup/search
  • • Prioritized disruption issues per trip

FlightGlobal Trips Solutions

A powerful suite of services designed to intelligently monitor the combination of flights within a trip to alert travelers, agents or other recipients of an evolving continuum of changes or issues that are relevant to the traveler, throughout their journey.

  • Previously issued alerts taken into consideration when alerting on subsequent issues to prevent over alerting
  • Configurable alert triggers available across a variety of conditions, status changes and alert types
  • Reduces amount of customer-side logic needed to endure relevance or operational issues without over alerting
  • Available as fully configurable API to support custom development or as a hosted solution for full email/text messaging to travelers with agency branding and messaging
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Agent Alerts

Monitor trips and triggers with alerts to appropriate people or systems about trip disruptions for proactive assistance.

  • Outbound Alert API for delivery
  • Email messaging for delivery straight to your personnel
  • Monitors for an extensive list of disruption types
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FlightGlobal Travel Waiver Services

Current Industry Challenges
Untimely distribution of waivers to TMC’s, OTA’s and partner airlines
Inefficient delivery and standardized communication of waiver content
Problems with interpretation and matching of waivers to pnrs
Increased call volume from travelers to airlines
Increased call volume from TMC’s and OTA’s to airlines
Traveler re-accommodation is reactive versus proactive
FlightGlobal Trips & Waiver Solution Components
Traveler Trip Alerts

Corporate Benefits with FlightGlobal Trip and Waiver Solutions

  • Reduction in ticket change fees and penalties
  • Reduction in unused tickets (refunding non-refundable tickets)
  • Improving the traveler experience via rapid communications and proactive re-accommodation
  • Improving duty of care via proactive re-accommodation, getting travelers out of harm’s way faster
  • Better TMC service level agreement compliance in times of major disruptions
  • Reduced TMC calls to airlines in order to clarify waivers
  • FlightGlobal data shows up to a 50% decrease in outbound TMC calls to airlines when waivers apply, resulting in getting your travelers what they need to go, faster
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