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FlightGlobal enables you to achieve a complete understanding of the aviation industry, global fleet of aircraft and the market dynamics and drivers – both now and in the future. Via online tools, expert reports, data solutions and tailored advice, we can tell you everything you need to know about the global fleet and what’s causing industry changes, to help you identify growth opportunities and assess risk.



What we offer


Fleet & schedule intelligence

FlightGlobal provides the industry’s most comprehensive view of the world fleet, from the overall growth view to detailed information on individual aircraft and where they are flying, to help drive revenues both now and in the future.

Market dynamics

From insight into the key market changes and the impact of external factors like oil prices and growing demand, our analysis influences business strategies and aids risk management. 

Future insight

Get trusted insight on the future outlook for the industry and what this means for your business. Reports and tailored advice help you understand the future make-up of the work fleet, the forecast of deliveries and the evolving trends that will influence the industry. 

Companies we help
Airlines & Airports

We help airlines and airports find new opportunities and partnerships by using insight from our comprehensive schedules data. fleets intelligence and industry reports



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Banks, insurers & lessors

FlightGlobal helps aircraft financiers and insurers manage their investment opportunities and reduce their risk with current and future aircraft values data, accident alerts, data feeds and market outlook reports.


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FlightGlobal supports commercial growth and future planning by providing the most comprehensive view of the world fleet. Detailed data on individual aircraft, ownership and usage, current fleet make up and forecast growth.


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Air travel services

FlightGlobal helps air travel service companies sell more tickets, find new aviation partners and deliver operational effectiveness on the ground  through using detailed data on airlines, the world fleet, the schedule and available connections.


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FlightGlobal have been pioneers of aviation intelligence for over 100 years, cutting through complexity to provide clarity on the aviation industry. We engage, analyse and advise with our trusted aviation experts, comprehensive tools and market insight.