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Minimize Disruption Impacting Your Business Travelers

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Level Up Traveler Services During Disruption

Travel Management Companies Can Respond Faster, Reduce Friction

To help address the vexing problem of disruption, FlightGlobal Travel Waiver Services integrates flight status data to match individual travel itineraries to waivers so agents can better manage disruption. Your travel management company can act proactively and “level up” service.

  • Ease frustration for travelers who may experience long re-accommodation wait times.
  • Reduce ticket exchange fees and fare penalties. Reduce costs for unused tickets which had qualified for a full refund. 
  • Access rich data to visualize which of your trips and travelers are affected by disruption events.

Keep business humming in times of disruption.

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FlightGlobal tracks approximately 2,000,000 flight updates each day. We are powering next generation solutions for traveler services, today

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