Fleets Analyzer
Find your next deal and understand the global fleet

Fleets Analyzer

Find your next deal and understand the global fleet

Flightglobal is pleased to introduce the most comprehensive aerospace fleet database. 

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Fleets Analyzer

Fleets Analyzer helps today’s MRO, OEM and Aftermarket aviation professionals access the industry’s most trusted, reliable and timely aircraft data, reporting and forecasting. For more information download the brochure here.

How does Fleets Analyzer help me?
Identify opportunities and understand the global fleet

The data in Fleets Analyzer helps today’s MROs and OEMs quickly and accurately identify business development opportunities, gain an unparalleled understanding of the global fleet and stay well informed of industry movements.

Streamline your workflow and collaborate easily

The exceptional usability of the Fleets Analyzer platform helps you to streamline your workflow and collaborate with colleagues – the speed, accuracy and depth of information delivers a competitive advantage by combining rich data with the context to support it.

Gain a competitive edge with most up-to-date data

The data in Fleets Analyzer is refreshed daily and positions you best to gain a competitive edge in developing strategic forecasts, identifying opportunities and staying ahead of your industry peers.

Quickly access data and improve efficiency

Fleets Analyzer is an online platform giving you the ability to quickly access up-to-date data, saved searches and personal profiles from any connected device, as well as save time and money by limiting the need for internal technical support.


What data can I get?

Get the latest up to date information on each individual aircraft

Access over 345k premium quality aircraft data. See the technical specification of each individual aircraft and who the owner / operator / manager is. Research the aircraft utilisation and see the individual fit of each aircraft.

Aircraft histories

Understand trends over time

See changes in ownership and in engine selection.Track the significant changes in the aircraft history relating to key technical changes and ownership structure. Make strategic plans with the most comprehensive fleets data.


Research your partners and competitors

Access a detailed database of companies and people working in the aviation industry. We have over 50,000 companies and contacts.  Find an opportunity and contact the right people.


What our customers say


“Fleets Analyzer has brought a significant amount of ease and efficiency to my colleagues at Bombardier. We always relied upon Flightglobal for the most respected, accurate fleet data, and now with online access we’re able to move quickly with a clear understanding of where the real opportunities are. We have definitely noticed the difference and have experienced positive change since migrating our employees to the new platform.”





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