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  • Zetavia-Ilyushin-Il-76TD

    On board Zetavia’s Il-76TD at the Dubai Airshow


    Nestling amongst the gleaming new jets, turbprops and helicopters here on the flightline at the Dubai Airshow is a Zetavia Ilyushin Il-76TD. This 1970s Soviet era, four-engined airlifter still plays a crucial role around the globe carrying cargo into far-flung locations.

  • nbaa day 3 still

    A wrap-up of the big news at NBAA 2019


    Our final video from NBAA 2019 covers the major developments from the second business day of the convention, including our exclusive interview with Tom Vice, president of supersonic business jet developer Aerion, who outlines his plans for a first flight of the AS2 in 2024.

  • nbaa video still day 2

    Latest from Las Vegas as NBAA 2019 gets underway


    Day one proper of the NBAA convention in Las Vegas began today with attendees digesting some big news, including last night’s announcement by Gulfstream of its largest business jet yet, the G700.

  • Bombardier is exhibiting a Global 7500 in the NBAA static

    First news from NBAA 2019


    From an all-new Gulfstream to a £1.4 billion deal for Embraer from Flexjet and debuts for at least two new aircraft, there was news aplenty as the business aviation community descended on Las Vegas for the opening of the NBAA annual convention.

  • Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant first flight image 2

    SB-1 Defiant returns to flight after gearbox problem


    After being grounded for about six months, due to an issue with its gearbox, Sikorsky and Boeing’s SB-1 Defiant co-axial compound helicopter returned to flight on 24 September it was revealed.

  • News

    What to expect at the 2019 Dubai air show


    On the eve of the 2019 Dubai air show, we take a look at the headline news that is shaping the scene of one of the biggest shows of the year.

  • Boeing T-7A Red Hawk

    USAF christens new trainer as T-7A Red Hawk


    The US Air Force has designated the Boeing T-X jet trainer the T-7A Red Hawk, in tribute to the US Army Air Corps’ Tuskegee Airmen and their World War II-era P-40 Warhawks.

  • LCA Navy wire test

    LCA Navy makes first arrested landing


    India achieved an aviation milestone recently when a Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) LCA Navy fighter caught an arresting hook at a shore-based test facility in Goa.

  • Aer Lingus jet flying in formation with the Irish

    Aer Lingus A320 and the Irish Air Corps take to the skies


    The planes flew in formation at the 2019 Bray Air Display in Ireland.

  • Air France A220.

    Air France shows off A220 in digital rendering


    Air France has released images and video of an Airbus A220-300 decked in the company’s colours, showcasing what will be the latest addition to its fleet.

  • Emirates Expo 2020 Dubai 3

    Emirates completes Expo 2020 Dubai livery


    Emirates has finished painting 40 aircraft in bespoke “Expo 2020 Dubai” liveries, rolling out the final Airbus A380 in the eye-catching orange “opportunity” decal from the Emirates Engineering hangar in Dubai.

  • News

    First officer Holly Sims on flying the BEA retrojet and women pilots


    After British Airways successfully unveiled its BEA retrojet, we spoke to first officer Holly Sims about her experience as a pilot and the future of women in the aviation industry.