ROY BERGSTROM HAS resigned as president of Israel Aircraft Industries' (IAI) US business-jet marketing arm, Astra Jet. Former Learjet president Brian Barents is poised to succeed Bergstrom, although US West Coast sales manager Wayne Oedeweldt will take over temporarily.

Announcing Bergstrom's unheralded departure, IAI vice-president Moti Boness reveals that the Israeli manufacturer has "...approved, in principle, a major strategic alliance to enhance the competitiveness of the Astra Jet".

The talks are thought to involve a financial partner for the business-jet operation.

IAI maintains its search for an aerospace partner to help develop the Galaxy wide-body business jet since severing links with Russia's Yakovlev.

The Israeli company, is building the Galaxy prototypes and says that the first aircraft is scheduled to be flown by the end of the first quarter of 1997, with certification planned for early 1998.

Source: Flight International