FAQs: FlightGlobal Premium

What is FlightGlobal Premium?

FlightGlobal Premium is the subscription service from the publishers of FlightGlobal, Flight International and Airline Business. Being a FlightGlobal Premium subscriber means you have unlimited access to all content on FlightGlobal.com.

Who can subscribe to FlightGlobal Premium?

Anyone can subscribe to FlightGlobal Premium. You don’t need to be working in the aviation sector.

Why should I subscribe to FlightGlobal Premium?

Subscribing gives you unlimited access to all the content available on FlightGlobal.com plus

  • Premium Daily news alert – get the commentary on the key stories of the day, sent Tuesday to Saturday
  • 24/7 access to original content on the key issues in the aviation and aerospace sector
  • Print/and or digital access to Flight International

You can get more information here.

How much does a FlightGlobal Premium subscription cost?

You can subscribe to FlightGlobal Premium from as little as £3.60 per week. To discover more about our subscription offers click here.

Why did we introduce a paywall on FlightGlobal.com?

In June 2020 we introduced a paywall on FlightGlobal, limiting access to content to paying subscribers.

In an age of growing misinformation and news aggregation, quality, independent, original journalism is more important than ever. It should provide insights and context to news developments but also support and challenge our industry.

However, there is a cost to providing independent quality journalism and the traditional business models that have supported the provision of news are changing. These business models have been placed under unparalleled pressure over the last year, during this unprecedented period. This is why publishers, like us, are introducing new subscription based models.

Has the registration access to FlightGlobal.com changed recently?

Yes, from 11th May 2021 we changed the number of articles free to access on FlightGlobal.com to 1 article per month. As part of your registered user status you can still enjoy the benefit being able to receive and read any of the 7 newsletters that you have signed up for. If you want access to more of our newsletters, click here for more information.

Can I still access FlightGlobal.com content without a FlightGlobal Premium subscription?

You can still access a very limited amount of content on FlightGlobal without a subscription and also sign up to receive any of our 7 newsletters click here for more information on our series of newsletters available. The only way to access all the content available is to subscribe to FlightGlobal Premium, you can upgrade at any time.

Can I share my access to FlightGlobal Premium with anyone else?

No. If you have purchased an individual membership subscription then this is for a single user only. To upgrade your membership package to include multiple users, please contact Katie Mann Katie.Mann@flightglobal.com +44 (0)7793883064.

How quickly will I get online access to FlightGlobal.com?

Subscribers get instant access to all content on FlightGlobal when they pay via FlightGlobal.com.

What are my login details?

Login details are sent when your orders has been processed and activated. These will be your email address and a system generated password. If you can’t locate this email, please contact support@flightglobal.com

When will the Flight historical PDF archive be back online?

As part of the FlightGlobal relaunch in December 2019, we had to re-platform the site and unfortunately the Flight historical PDF archive was not compatible with the new software. We had to remove it from the site for development, and we are still working to reinstate the archive in 2021. At this stage we do not have a date for when it will be back online. We know how many people rely on this historical archive, and we understand the frustration about not having access to it. Thank you for your patience as we develop the best way to experience the Flight historical PDF archive online. 

The new monthly Flight International

The first monthly issue of Flight International was published on 17 September 2020.

The final weekly issue of Flight International was published on 11 August 2020.

The app version of Flight International is no longer available. Subscribers can access the digital edition of the magazine here

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@flightglobal.com

Permissions Enquiries

Requests to reuse content from FlightGlobal/Flight International/Airline Business are now being processed through PLSclear. Please visit www.plsclear.com to complete your permission request.