Flight International, December 2021

In this year’s final issue, we bring you our annual World Air Forces directory review, which details the main events, procurements and retirements which over the last 12 months have affected an active military fleet totalling almost 53,300 aircraft. Plus, find out how to download our full, 36-page report, including a 23-page listing of inventories by nation.

Our defence-sector coverage continues with updates on General Atomics Aeronautical Systems’ latest projects, and a look at the UK’s debut carrier strike experience using Lockheed Martin F-35Bs aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth.

We have the biggest stories from the Dubai air show, where Boeing’s 777-9 made a spectacular first flying display appearance, and Russia sought to muscle in by giving its in-development Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate fighter an international debut.

Also this issue, we interview Airbus chief executive Guillaume Faury, as he positions the company for a post-Covid-19 recovery and helps shape its future adoption of emission-reducing technologies. And don’t miss the chance to test your Total Aviation Person credentials, as Uncle Roger throws down his annual festive quiz challenge (available to subscribers 13 December).

Use the links below to access our latest issue’s content in web-optimised format, or scroll down further to view our “page-turner” digital replica of the magazine, download a pdf version, and access archived issues.

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Cover story

Damaged Afghan MD530

How Afghanistan’s fall reshaped World Air Forces inventory

Afghanistan returning to Taliban control saw its military aircraft inventory drop to zero and tested the international community’s ability to rescue at-risk civilians, during another busy year for defence.

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Boeing 777X lands in Dubai

Boeing claims ‘transparency’ on 777X timeline, but says regulator is in driving seat

Boeing insists that it is being “as transparent as we can possibly be” with its customers on the timeline of the 777X, despite the lack of precise delivery guidance.



How Rolls-Royce’s Spirit of Innovation went from ‘flighty thoroughbred’ to electric record breaker

Hard by the sweeping emptiness of Salisbury Plain, Boscombe Down airfield in southwest England is the home of experimental flight testing in the UK.

Embraer's Energia Electric E9-FE

Embraer reveals ‘Energia’ family of electric- and hydrogen-powered aircraft concepts

Embraer has unveiled a family of four low- or zero-emission concept aircraft for the regional market that it hopes to fly over the coming decades, including hybrid-, all-electric and hydrogen-powered models. 



How Guillaume Faury is readying Airbus for better times

Although the indusry has yet to fully emerge from the Covid-19 downturn, Airbus chief executive Guillaume Faury explains why he thinks higher production rates are justified, and how the A350 freighter will capture demand. Meanwhile, he outlines why the company’s helicopter and defence businesses are still vital parts of the group, while planning for a low-carbon future.


Women in aviation

Cecilia Aragon portrait

How Cecilia Aragon beat the odds to become aerobatic ace

The dream of dancing in the air inspired Cecilia Aragon to become an aerobatic champion. Now a professor studying unconscious bias in the cockpit, she hopes to inspire a new generation to fly free.