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Could return to the Moon prove a step too far?

By the end of this year or early next, we should get a look at the future of deep-space travel. It will not carry a crew, but NASA’s Artemis I around-the-Moon-and-back flight will demonstrate the capsule, life-support system and mighty Space Launch System rocket being designed and tested to carry ...

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Why jet stalwart Embraer is embracing the turboprop

If the stars align, the world could have the first all-new large turboprop passenger aircraft for four decades within five years.

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UAS co-founder helps business aviation clients make the right connections

Mohammed Al Husary is co-founder and executive president of UAS International Trip Support, which provides a range of travel planning services to high-net-worth business clients in 31 countries worldwide.

Boeing 747 Pan am first delivery 1969

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Boeing 747 marks 50 years since Pan Am service debut

This week marks exactly 50 years since the 747’s first passenger service with Pan Am


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Has airline safety peaked?

The shock of a second 737 Max tragedy in the past year has prompted an urgent rethink of certification and training priorities after a long period of improving accident statistics

Indonesian regulator found crew of a 737 Max 8 lost in 2018 had not been trained in MCAS operation

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Accident reports issued during the second half of 2019

Final report: Lion Air 737 Max 8, loss of control in flight, 29 October 2018

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