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Emirates cabin crew PPE masks

Why airline industry can only trust instinct to beat coronavirus

Tim Clark has delivered his view on the coronavirus pandemic with his usual succinct style: “A $15 trillion torpedo has hit the global economy.” And the fundamentals for the industry’s recovery are largely outside its control.

X-59 landing_001 c

NASA boom reduction project should be left to private sector

NASA does wonderful things, and wonderful things often cost big money - but should supersonic flying without big booms be one of them?

ARRW_Launch_c Lockheed Martin

In depth

Hypersonic missiles special

While the USA was distracted fighting the War on Terror over the last 20 years, China and Russia have invested heavily in hypersonic missiles and now have an edge. Faced with that vulnerability, the USA is now spending a lot of money to catch up. Washington wants hypersonic missiles of its own.

Common Hypersonic Glide Body c General Atomics

In depth

Dynetics plans operational hypersonic missile factory by autumn 2020

The weapons technology company is leading a team of subcontractors, including General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies to build the USA’s first production example of a hypersonic weapon, the Common Hypersonic Glide Body


In depth

8 key hypersonic missile efforts for the US Department of Defense

In a race to catch up with China and Russia, the US Air Force, Army and Navy are sharing funding, designs and maybe eventually components from hypersonic weapons. These heady early days of industry and service co-operation will probably not last, but represent the all-hands-on-deck urgency that the US Department of Defense believes is needed.

Raytheon boost glide and air-breathing cruise missile concepts c Raytheon

In depth

7 technical challenges that need to be overcome by hypersonic missile builders

There remain great challenges to designing, building and fielding a reliable hypersonic weapon. Overcoming these seven technical problems is essential to advancing hypersonic missile technology to an operational state, according to leading experts at Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon Technologies.

Hypersonic windtunnel at the US Air Force Academy

In depth

Pentagon to launch National Consortium for Applied Hypersonics by end of 2020

The US Department of Defense is moving forward with a plan to build and fund a consortium of universities to boost its hypersonic missile development efforts and train a new generation of scientists and engineers in the field

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