MAKS 2021

A220 in flight

Azimuth agreement is A220's first from Russia since local certification

Russian carrier Azimuth’s agreement to take Airbus A220s is the first from one of the country’s airlines since the twinjet family quietly secured certification from the federal aviation regulator Rosaviatsia.


MAKS debuts for latest versions of Russian attack helicopters

Russian Helicopters has showcased the latest production versions of a pair of its attack helicopters at MAKS this week, with the Mil Mi-28NM and Kamov Ka-52M making their public debuts at the Zhukovsky event.

air manas A220 full-c-Airbus

Airbus seals A220 flight-hour services pact with Central Asia’s Air Manas

Airbus has concluded its first flight-hour services contract in Central Asia with an A220 pooling and component repair agreement with Kyrgyzstan’s Air Manas.


Gazprom emerges as first customer for Mi-171A3 offshore helicopter

Russian Helicopters appears to have a first customer lined up for the new A3 variant of its long-running Mil Mi-171 heavy-class rotorcraft after oil giant Gazprom signed up to the programme, although details of the agreement remain limited.

MiG trio MAKS 2021

New MiG concepts aimed at Russian navy requirement

Russia’s RAC MiG used the MAKS air show to display a trio of new combat aircraft concepts in model form.

UEC MAKS-c-ViktorMolodstov_Rostec

UEC eyes hydrogen for aviation applications

Russia’s United Engine (UEC) has begun investigating the potential of hydrogen as a power source for aviation applications.

SSJ cockpit-c-Alex Beltyukov Creative Commons

Boeing integrates Superjet data into its flight-performance calculation tool

Boeing is integrating aircraft capability data for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 into the US airframer’s performance tool platform to enable improvement to the type’s take-off and landing operations.

Sukhoi Su-35

Russia still sweet on Indonesia Su-35 sale

Russia is still intent on selling 11 Sukhoi Su-35 fighters to Indonesia, despite pressure on Jakarta to abandon the long-troubled sale.

Azimuth A220-c-Airbus

Azimuth set to become first A220 operator in Russia

Russian carrier Azimuth is set to become the first operator of the Airbus A220 in the country, following an agreement for six unveiled at the Moscow MAKS 2021 air show.


Hybrid-electric LMS-901 unveiled as replacement for An-2

Mock-up displayed at MAKS, but developer hopes to have single-propeller utility aircraft in service by 2023


MAKS debuts for Klimov helicopter engine pair

United Engine (UEC) has displayed at the MAKS air show two new turboshafts that will replace Western-built powerplants on rotorcraft from the Russian Helicopters stable.


Russia targets low cost, high performance with Su-75 Checkmate fighter

United Aircraft is pitching the single-engined Su-75 to export markets as an affordable, fifth-generation type that shares characteristics with Sukhoi’s Su-57.

Mi8 Utair-c-Art Konovalov_Shutterstock

UTair orders 50 Mil Mi-8AMT helicopters

Russian airline UTair has signed for 50 Mil Mi-8AMT heavy-lift helicopters as part of a fleet renewal programme.

PD-8 at MAKS-c-United Engine

United Engine aims for 2023 certification of SSJ-New’s engine

United Engine is aiming to secure a type certificate for the Aviadvigatel PD-8 in 2023, with production work already underway on the first prototype for certification tests.

Orion-E c WikiCommons

Russia claims unidentified foreign buyers for recon version of Orion-E UAV

Russia has signed its first contracts for export of the reconnaissance version of its Kronstadt Group Orion-E medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned air vehicle.

Red Wings Superjet-c-Red Wings

Red Wings among three carriers collectively signing for 50 Superjets

Three airlines have signed letters of intent covering the acquisition of 50 Sukhoi Superjet 100s, as the MAKS 2021 air show opened in Moscow.

Sukhoi Su-57 taking off c UAC

Russia teases foreign interest in Su-57E stealth fighter, but potential buyers are elusive

At any given time, there are about half a dozen foreign countries interested in buying the Sukhoi Su-57E stealth fighter, according to Russian export agency Rosoboronexport. The names of those countries so far have remained secret, however.


Aurora leasing Superjets in support of strategy to build far east Russian carrier

Russian carrier Aurora has signed a preliminary agreement to acquire eight Sukhoi Superjet 100s through state leasing company GTLK.


Ka-226T ‘Climber’ helicopter breaks cover at MAKS

Russian Helicopters has unveiled an upgraded variant of the Kamov Ka-226T light-twin at the MAKS air show.

Su-57 stealth fighter c Rostec

Rostec to highlight networked warfare via Su-57’s S-111 comms system

Rostec State Corporation plans to demonstrate the S-111 communications system for the Sukhoi Su-57 stealth fighter at the MAKS 2021 air show.


Russia’s MAKS prepares for take-off, amid Covid concerns

Biennial Moscow event will be first major air show of pandemic era, and will give country’s industry an opportunity to display its domestically-developed wares.

Checkmate index 2

Russia calls Checkmate with new lightweight fighter design

Russia’s Rostec has taken the unusual step of releasing a first image of a new light fighter design ahead of its scheduled unveiling at the MAKS air show, after unofficial pictures had appeared online.


How Rostec is powering Russia’s aerospace renaissance

The holding company behind Russia’s aviation assets sees a bright future for its aerospace industry under effective state ownership, as it works to grow presence in civil sector.

Ansat-M first flight

Hailing Russia’s latest rotary revolutionaries

Owner of the Kamov and Mil design houses – more famed for military aircraft – is quietly increasing its share of the civil market too as the company seeks to establish a better balance.


UAC sees export prospects for Il-112V transport

Now in flight-testing, the Il-112V will start replacing aged Antonov transports in Russian military service – but can it also attract international customers?

Russian air force Su-35

How Moscow’s iconic fighter brands are targeting tougher international market

With famous design bureaux RAC MiG and Sukhoi gradually consolidating under United Aircraft, Russia’s military aviation sector continues to target fighter exports, despite US and Chinese rivalry.

Il-114-300 landing

Il-114-300 set to become Russia’s local hero

Russia’s Il-114 is approaching service entry in its -300 guise, almost 30 years after the Ilyushin design’s emergence – and with local demand rising, it looks set to make a successful return.

MC-21 PD-14

MC-21 programme spearheads Russian industry revival

Irkut’s MC-21 is on track for first delivery this year with imported key components – but the programme is championing near-term readiness with Russian engines and homegrown composites.