Guide to Business Aviation Training and Safety 2022

Welcome to the second FlightGlobal Guide to Business Aviation Training and Safety, again produced in association with FlightSafety International, a leader in the sector that for more than 70 years has been championing the idea of training as being about much more than ticking regulatory boxes. Instead it is about embedding a culture of safety within each flight department, and instilling in pilots and maintenance specialists a mindset of professionalism and competence. We look at some of the philosophies and technologies – from harnessing data to improve the way aviators are instructed to the importance of being understood in the cockpit – that will make business aviation even safer in the years to come. Paid content by FlightSafety International


Source: FlightSafety International


Source: FlightSafety International


Source: FlightSafety International

GE Digital data helps FlightSafety tailor training based on risk

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By pooling the real-life experiences of hundreds of pilots flying thousands of sorties each week, FlightSafety and GE Digital are able to identify where risks are highest, and tailor training accordingly

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