• Analysts warn of Boeing talent drain, question company’s long-term strategy

  • FAA and ANAC certificate Embraer’s Synthetic Vision Guidance System

  • ​FAA certificates 777X’s GE9X powerplants

  • FAA head Dickson to pilot the 737 Max next week

  • Alphabet’s Wing division advances unmanned air traffic system

777X test aircraft gets GE9X-1-640px


​FAA certificates 777X’s GE9X powerplants

The Federal Aviation Administration has certificated GE Aviation’s 105,000lb-thrust (467kN) GE9X turbofan, a milestone coming as Boeing continues working toward achieving certification for its GE9X-powered 777-9.

A380 incident close-up-c-BEA


A380 fan-hub disintegration traced to misunderstood ‘cold dwell’ fatigue

French investigators have traced the serious engine failure involving an Air France Airbus A380 over Greenland to a phenomenon known as ‘cold dwell’ fatigue, which had caused a failure in a fan hub slot which houses the root of the fan blade.

PW1100G 640px


Ameco becomes China’s first PW1100G MRO shop

Pratt & Whitney has opened its first PW1100G geared turbofan MRO centre in China, by adding Beijing-based Ameco to its global network of MRO providers.