F-35 JDAM fire


Air Force special operators ask industry for non-GPS precision munitions

US Special Operations Command expects GPS to be knocked out in future conflicts and wants to diversify its options for precision strikes.

F-35B Japan USMC


Second US F-35 squadron in Japan reaches full operational capability

US Marine Corps Fighter Attack Squadron 242 in Iwakuni, Japan was declared operational with 32 F-35Bs, the second such squadron based in that country.



US Special Ops to select close-air support winner in July

The Armed Overwatch programme aims to procure some 75 manned, fixed-wing aircraft for reconnaissance and close air support to special operators.



DARPA launches development of heavy lift seaplane

Dubbed the Liberty Lifter, the project by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency aims to design, build, and fly a long-range, low-cost heavy-lift aircraft capable of seaborne strategic and tactical lift.

Canada Parliament Ottawa


General Atomics doubles down on Canadian remote aircraft bid, opens office in Ottawa

The San Diego-based maker of the popular MQ-9 family of remotely piloted aircraft has bid on a Canadian procurement request worth up to $5 billion.

MQ-9B SeaGaurdian with Leonardo Sage 750 electronic emission sensor pod


General Atomics to produce short take-off and landing modification kit for MQ-9B

The popular remotely piloted aircraft from General Atomics will soon gain the ability to launch from short runways or amphibious assault ships.

IAI Maritime Heron Aberporth


2Excel, IAI showcase Maritime Heron for UK requirements

2Excel Aviation and Israel Aerospace Industries have demonstrated the latter’s Maritime Heron unmanned air vehicle in pursuit of UK requirements including supporting civilian search and rescue operations.

Swiss Hermes 900 tow


Switzerland receives first two Hermes 900 UAVs from Elbit

Switzerland has moved a step closer to commencing operations with Elbit Systems’ Hermes 900 unmanned air system, with its first two of six aircraft having arrived in the country late last month.