ATR has won certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Russia's Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) to operate its 42-500 and 72-500 aircraft at ground temperatures as low as -45˚C (-113˚F).

Both aircraft models, as well as previous ATR 72 models, had already been certified by EASA and the US FAA to operate in ground temperatures as low as -35˚C.

The new certification will be provided to ATR -500 series aircraft as well as previous ATR 72 models which have integrated specific operational recommendations.

ATR says it will now apply for -45˚C ground operations certification from the FAA.

The new certification will enable the ATR 42-500 and the 72-500 to operate in cold climates such as those found in Siberia as well as parts of Northern Europe and the USA.

Russian carrier Nordstar announced earlier today that it had placed an order for up to seven ATR 42-500s because the aircraft will be fitted with special features to enable them to operate in Siberia and the far north of Russia.

ATR says it has also initiated a process with IAC to certify its aircraft for operations on unpaved runways in the Russian Federation. It already holds EASA certification for this purpose.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news