Lockheed Martin announced at the show that it has won a $5.1 million contract for additional Desert Hawk III unmanned air vehicles for the United Kingdom.

The contract from the UK Ministry of Defence calls for Lockheed to deliver the Desert Hawk III air vehicles by this autumn.

"The battle-proven Desert Hawk III can operate in high winds, extended altitude and extreme temperatures, making it very effective in areas such as Afghanistan," says Mark Swymeler, a vice president for Lockheed Martin Ship and Aviation Systems. "Unlike some other UAVs, it is extremely quiet and virtually undetectable beyond 150m."

The Desert Hawk III's improved payloads maximize target detection and recognition by providing 360° - daytime and nighttime - coverage in a common turret package. These latest generation payloads also include a Lockheed-developed navigation system that delivers more refined target position information and superior image stability to the troops.

The 3.6kg (8lb) Desert Hawk III features an open architecture environment and consists of a light-weight, hand-launched, ruggedized air vehicle with snap-on Plug and Playloads, a portable ground station and a remote video terminal.

Source: Flight Daily News