Boeing has been awarded a $1.84 billion foreign military sales contract to develop kits to upgrade 68 older Saudi Arabian F-15s into the new F-15SA configuration.

"Boeing looks forward to working with the U.S. government to provide the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with development of country standard time compliance technical orders (CSTCTO), procurement of conversion kits, and installation of base stand-up kits," the company says. "The acquisition will enhance the long-term relationship between the KSA and Boeing and help assure the Royal Saudi Air Force's ability to defend the Kingdom against regional threats."

Boeing says it is committed to executing the programme on cost and schedule, but says it cannot comment further. "Boeing is deferring all questions about the F-15 Saudi modification program to the US Air Force," the company says.

The USAF was not able to comment by press time, but according to a Department of Defense release, the contract covers the procurement of 68 F-15s to F-15SA conversion kits, and four base stand-up kits.

Source: Flight International