In a surprise move, Bombardier has announced the departure of the Canadian company's aerospace division president and chief operating officer, Michael Graff, and the appointment of Pierre Beaudoin as his successor. The move marks a further fast accession of Pierre Beaudoin up through the Bombardier chain of command.

Beaudoin is the grandson of the company's founder, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, and son of the current chairman of the board Laurent Beaudoin and was only appointed head of Bombardier Aerospace Business Aircraft in January. Prior to that he headed the company's Recreational Products Division.

Graff, who has been with Bombardier since 1996 and head of aerospace since 1999, is leaving for "personal reasons and to pursue other interests in the USA", says the company. The change has surprised analysts and was seen by some as a move to strengthen the family's control on the company. The family holds around 20% of equity, but through multiple voting shares has 60% of the votes.

Source: Flight International