Cessna has secured Australian certification for its TTx piston single, paving the way for deliveries of the high-performance aircraft to begin to the country.

The Textron Aviation subsidiary says that the four-seat type is now approved in five countries, including the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, and a fleet of around 50 TTxs are now in service worldwide.

Doug May, Textron’s vice president of piston aircraft, is confident that the all-composite aircraft will prove popular within Australia’s owner flyer and corporate communities. “Whether it’s being used for personal travel or as an entry level business tool, the speed and precision of the TTx make it a natural fit for a country as large as Australia,” he says.

TTx piston single


The fixed-gear model entered service in 2013 as an updated and rebranded version of the Corvalis TT, featuring a Garmin G2000 flightdeck and a 350hp Continental Motors TSIO-550-C engine.

The $679,000 TTx has an operating ceiling of 25,000ft (7,620m) a range of 1,250nm (2,320km) and a maximum cruise speed of 235kt.

In its latest quarterly shipment report, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association records four TTx deliveries between July and September, bringing total shipments for the type this year to 12.

Source: Flight International