Cirrus Design has replaced its SR22 piston single with an enhanced new generation version called the SR22 G2. The launch of the G2 marks the first step in the strategy of the Duluth, Minnesota-based company to upgrade its entire piston single line to both stimulate and sustain interest in private flying.

The first G2, which was delivered last week, features a new fuselage and cowl with easier access for maintenance; a six-point engine mount for a smoother ride; new automotive style doors; a redesigned leather interior; and a blended-aerofoil Scimitar Select Hartzell propeller, which makes Cirrus the first manufacturer to use this propeller on a production certificated aircraft, the company says. Design improvements and stricter tolerances for the re-engineered fuselage have resulted in an overall empty weight reduction, it adds.

Cirrus has delivered 811 SR22s since the two-seat aircraft entered service three years ago. It is the best-selling aircraft in the company's product line, which also includes the standard SR20 and a visual flight rules version, the SRV. Upgraded versions of both types are under development, Cirrus says.

Source: Flight International