Cirrus Design's single-engine personal jet, at presnt just dubbed "The-Jet", took off on its maiden flight on 3 July from the company's Duluth, Minnesota, USA base.

The manufacturer says the aircraft performed "flawlessly" during the 45min flight. Powered by a single "back-pack"-mounted Williams FJ33-4A-9 turbofan engine, the aircraft is designed to be capable of a 300kt cruising speed at up to 25,000ft.

It can carry up to seven people including the two cockpit seats, but the aircraft is optimised for single-pilot operation, with Garmin terrain-perspective primary flight and navigation displays and avionics suite.

 © Cirrus Design corporation
Cirrus' The-Jet took off on its maiden flight yesterday

Like all Cirrus' propeller-driven aircraft, it embodies a stowed all-aircraft parachute to enable the safe descent of the aircraft and its occupants in the event of an engine failure or loss of control.

Eclipse Aviation, with its Eclipse 400, and Diamond Aircraft with its D-Jet, will also be competing in this personal single-jet sector which looks set to be highly successful.

Eclipse 400 
© Eclipse Aviation
The Eclipse 400 would compete in this sector


 © Diamond Aircraft
Diamond's D-Jet will also compete in this sector

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