The Insight UAV will have an endurance of 24h with an 11kg (24lb) payload, but in an overload configuration could carry up to 22kg for 8h. These figures exclude the nose-mounted electro-optical ball, with Insitu electing to make that sensor a standard component of the aircraft rather than part of the optional loading mix.

The payload bay incorporates a variety of standard connectors and outlets, as well as mountings, to facilitate rapid payload installation and integration. Similarly, the air vehicle mission systems are based on open architecture software to simplify the payload integration process.

Introduction of an external load carriage option is a new capability for Insitu. The hardpoints have been built into the tailbooms, and include a release system to allow development of a stores delivery capability for the UAV.

Baseline datalinks for the aircraft command, control and guidance systems are in the tail fins rather than the winglets as in the Insight. This will allow the hollow winglets on Integrator to house additional communication links or specialist sensor antenna arrays.

Source: Flight International