The European Space Agency's member states' space ministers unanimously endorsed the following four resolutions from the 25-26 November meeting in the Netherlands.

Space has a role in delivering Europe's global objectives, including the European space policy.

The level of resources for space science programmes and basic activities from 2009-13 has been established.

The agreement over ESA member states' contribution to the French Guiana space centre's running costs has been renewed.

There is agreement that the agency's financial management, decision-making processes, industrial and procurement policies and ESA site infrastructure development be reformed.


ESA expenditure figures 2008-11 and beyond

  • Science €2.3 billion*
  • Basic activities €1.1 billion*
  • Launchers €1.63 billion*
  • Earth observation €1.78 billion**
  • Human spaceflight €1.73 billion
  • Exploration €0.9 billion**
  • Telecoms €0.82 billion*
  • Navigation €0.078 billion
  • Space Awareness €0.049 billion
  • Technology €0.4 billion*
  • Total €10 billion

Data based on pre-ministerial meeting information and ESA official statements since all figures are approximate

Budgetary periods range from 2008 to 2011 and up to 2013*

**Budgets including 2018 and 2020


Source: Flight International