A month after launching its new-technology laser projector, simulator visuals specialist Evans & Sutherland (E&S) has agreed to sell its existing cathode-ray-tube projector product lines to Video Display (VDC).

Salt Lake City, Utah-based E&S says its CRT-based ESCP raster/calligraphic projector and TargetView target projector "are both at a point in their product life-cycles where continued production, long-term support and future development can be successfully and smoothly transitioned to a third-party company", allowing it to focus on lasers.

E&S launched its LaserWide/ ESLP ultra-high-resolution laser projector in July with an order from Dubai-based Emirates for use with the company's EP-1000CT image generator on Airbus A340 and A380 and Boeing 777 flight simulators (Flight International, 27 July-2 August).

One LaserWide replaces the three conventional CRT projectors in a wide-angle visual system, reducing life-cycle cost and weight while increasing resolution, brightness, contrast and colour saturation. The company anticipates a strong retrofit market for the projector. E&S will continue to offer CRT projectors after their transfer to VDC, and will retain its VistaView head-tracked area-of-interest projection system for military aircraft dome simulators.

Source: Flight International