In a sad sign of the times, French company SEMA World (Hall 5B, 8) is at Le Bourget for the first time to present a line of products designed to contain or minimise the effects of terrorist bombs and other types of weapon.

"Our products are designed to reassure air passengers and the public at large," says international sales manager Michel Rigaud. "If we succeed in saving even a single life, the effort will have been worthwhile."

The company's anti-bomb products are based on half a century of experience in producing bullet-proof jackets. They combine well-established materials such as aramide fibre and Kevlar with a proprietary plastic that will tolerate shock deformation of up to 500% without rupturing and belting material of the type used in military runway overrun barriers.


A typical application is Ground Bomb Killer, a flexible open-ended bag in which these materials are combined to contain lateral blast and direct it harmlessly upwards. This contrasts with Flight Bomb Killer, designed to enclose completely a bomb found aboard an aircraft and absorb its explosive power through the progressive destruction of layers of fibre.

The rest of the range comprises Fire Wall and Storm Wall (protection of building entrances and military checkpoints respectively), Grenade Killer (small bombs in flight) and Bio Bag, offering a safe way of opening mail if a biological attack is suspected.

Development of the range was completed only two months ago and SEMA World is at Le Bourget to address the market among airlines, public authorities and the military, particularly bomb-disposal units. SEMA World has a distributor in the UK and talking to potential partners in the USA.

Source: Flight Daily News