Africa Calling

Three S-76C++ helicopters have been ordered for search and rescue missions in Angola by Heli Malongo. The offshore oil operation already employs 20 aircraft and will now feature a search and rescue facility. “SAR missions require speed, agility and responsiveness and the S-76C++ delivers on all counts,” says Sikorsky vice president and chief marketing officer Stephen Estill.

Cessna’s Fuel Incentive

Cessna is offering 18 months worth of free fuel for buyers of the Cessna 182 Skylane or Turbo Skylane, if purchased by September 30 this year. The deal also includes a free Garmin SVS upgrade. Under the programme Cessna will pay up to $15,000 worth of fuel for the Skylane between now and the end of 2009 – based on 11.5 hours a month at normal power settings.

Japanese Order

The largest security company in Japan has just taken ownership of a corporate-configured AW109 Power light twin turbine helicopter. SECOM’s new aircraft was delivered by AgustaWestland to Kagai Aviotech Corporation in Japan for final customization. It enters service in late summer, transporting staff and supplies for disaster preparation. SECOM says it selected the AW109 partly because of its maximum cruise speed of 154kts.

Oil Mission Boost

Heli Union will expand its fleet for offshore oil missions with the purchase of two S-76C++ helicopters from Sikorsky. Delivery is set for the third quarter of 2010 and the deal also expands Heli Union’s Powertrain Assurance Program and Total Assurance Program service agreement with Sikorsky subsidiary Helicopter Support, Inc.

Dawson’s Opus

British entrepreneur Tony Dawson has bought South Carolina-based light aircraft maker Opus Aircraft. “We managed to purchase all the assets to the two-seat $89,500 Opus Super 2,” says Dawson, who has moved from the UK to the US.

Source: Flight International