Israel's Aeronautics Defense Systems will make its first delivery of the Orbiter 2 unmanned air system to the Finnish armed forces during March, with its original schedule having been delayed due to undisclosed problems.

Finland signed a contract for the Orbiter 2B in 2012, with its order being for 55 systems, totaling "dozens" of mini-UAS, plus related ground control stations. The equipment will be used for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance purposes.

Deliveries had previously been due to commence by mid-2013, but sources say that following a delay series production is now running at full capacity.

The Orbiter 2 has a 3m (9.8ft) wing span, and a flight endurance of up to 3.5h, carrying a Controp-produced imaging payload. According to its manufacturer, the enhanced 2B version has a digital communications system, better resistance to operating in harsh environments and is capable of operating under GPS-denied conditions.