legacy 450 


Legacy 450: one of two business jet programmes under development at Embraer

When Embraer's functional Bandeirante turboprop took to the air in 1972, few would have guessed that four decades later the modest government-launched venture would have morphed into one of the world's big four airframers, with a portfolio spanning commercial, business and military aircraft. Embraer's success story is well known, and without it there would be no Brazilian aerospace industry. The now privately owned company still dominates, but a sizeable aerospace community has flourished around it, including a network of foreign-owned suppliers and locally owned small and medium-size enterprises. Long-established Eurocopter subsidiary Helibras is entering a new phase of growth, while the thriving airline sector in Brazil and the rest of South America has provided a lucrative market for service providers such as training specialist CAE, engine maker Rolls-Royce and TAP Maintenance & Engineering in MRO. In this country special, we examine the make-up of Brazil's aerospace sector and its prospects


Source: Flight International