Elbit Systems has received a roughly $100 million contract to purchase another six Air Tractor AT-802Fs for the Israeli air force's firefighting squadron.

Eight of the aircraft are currently being operated by Elbit under a previous outsourcing contract, which covered the purchase of the aircraft and their operation. Elbit says its new deal with the service will run for the next eight years.

AT-802 drop - Israeli air force

Elbit Systems

The Israeli air force's firefighting squadron has so far flown more than 4,600 sorties totalling 2,500h, and has "helped extinguish over 500 potentially destructive fires across the country", Elbit says.

The capability was established in 2011 in the wake of a forest fire in the Carmel ridge area in December 2010, which claimed the lives of 45 people; mostly prison wardens and police officers who were caught in the blaze while trying to escape to safety.

AT-802s - Israeli air force

Israeli air force

Source: FlightGlobal.com