THE JAPAN DEFENCE Agency's Technical Research & Development Institute (TRDI) is to launch full development of the XF3-400 fighter engine in 1996. Funding for the programme is part of the fiscal year 1996 budget request of '166.3 billion ($1.66 billion).

TRDI's projected budget includes an initial '5.7 billion for the XF3-400. The 50kN (11,200lb)-thrust turbofan is a derivative of the Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries F3-30 engine powering the Kawaski T-4 trainer.

The engine is intended to power Japan's planned TD-X technology-demonstrator fighter around the year 2000.

The TRDI plans to commit a total of '100 billion to the demonstrator/engine programme over the next five years.

A new aerodynamic and propulsion-systems research centre under construction at Chitose is linked to the programme.

The institute is asking for a further '10.1 billion to continue building the test centre, which will include an altitude chamber for engines rated up to 50kN.

The TRDI is also hoping to launch a '50 billion upgrade of the Shin Maywa US-1A amphibian in 1996.

It is requesting an initial '3.1 billion to launch the programme, which will include new Allison AE2100 turboprop engines (Flight International, 9-15 August, P15).

Source: Flight International