Linda Benbow

A touch of luxury - that's what's needed at the end of a hard day - or at the end of a few hard days, even. And in this department, Dubai won't disappoint.

All of the five-star hotels and golf clubs feature cordon bleu restaurants. There are others around too, but generally speaking you can't go wrong if you look in the right places. And don't forget to book early.

Lou Lou'a is the Sheraton's French restaurant with silver service staff providing exquisite service. The menu is full of unusual dishes to tempt the most jaded palate, and it's got a view of the Creek to match. Another French restaurant is to be found at Emirates Golf Club where Le Classic provides large portions of quality cooking to satisfy any appetite.

Mediterranean food is de hauteur at the moment and the Foccacia, Hyatt, provides exotic choices as well as superb surroundings. Walk through the rooms before choosing where to sit and enjoy roasted garlic with oil and freshly made foccacia bread, suspended skewers of meat or vegetables and light but rich desserts.

The Hyatt also has a popular quality Japanese restaurant called Miyako. A clap of hands welcomes your entrance into the prettily sectioned-off restaurant where fresh food is expertly prepared and traditionally served. Also try Sakura, Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza for a comfortable aura while dining. Walk over a black lacquer bridge in Long Yin, at the Forte Grand, enjoy delicious Chinese delicacies. For a sociable meal choose to cook your own food in a steamboat full of tasty stock.

For a quiet dinner at well spaced tables that mean you don't have to listen to other people's conversations dine at Fairways, at the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club - Nouvelle cuisine at it's best.

Source: Flight Daily News