New Piper Aircraft has increased the power of its single-turboprop Malibu Meridian, which is set for certification by the middle of the year.

The flat-rating of the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A has been increased from 300kW (400shp) to 370kW for take-off, and the continuous power rating increased from 260kW to 300kW. The engine has a thermodynamic power of over 765kW.

Accompanying the increase in power is the switch to a Hartzell four-bladed propeller. The changes increase cruise speed by 3kt (5km/h) compared with the original configuration, which used a three-bladed Hartzell propeller.

Low-speed thrust is also improved, reducing take-off distance and increasing climb rate. Interior noise and vibration levels have also been reduced by the switch to a four-blade propeller, says Hartzell.

The Lightweight Turbine-series propeller features feathering and reversing.

Source: Flight International