Boeing Business Jets has hooked up with Fokker to produce a panoramic cabin window that will be the largest flying on any passenger aircraft.

The Skyview Panoramic Window, which measures 1.4m by 0.5m (4.5ft by 1.5ft), will be offered on the BBJ, BBJ 2 and BBJ Max family and is due to make its debut in 2018. The installation effectively joins together three standard passenger windows and can be located on multiple potential locations aft of the wing, depending on aircraft type.


“We are thrilled to formally confirm our partnership with GKN Aerospace’s Fokker business for the development of this fantastic feature on the BBJ,” says Boeing Business Jets president David Longridge.

“We are proud to announce the next step for the Skyview Panoramic Window together with Boeing Business Jets,” adds Peter Somers, president of GKN’s Fokker Services business.

Fokker will offer the window as a retrofit on existing BBJs and as a priced feature on newbuilds by Boeing Business Jets.

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Source: Flight Daily News