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  • Mahindra readies five-seat piston for March roll-out

Mahindra readies five-seat piston for March roll-out

India's Mahindra Aerospace is planning to roll out its first aircraft in March to exploit the country's increasing hunger for business and general aviation.

The five-seat piston - dubbed the NM5-100 - will be targeted at charter and corporate operators, medical evacuation providers and owner flyers. Hemant Luthra, president of Mahindra Aerospace's parent company Mahindra and Mahindra, says the aircraft will feature a glass cockpit and electronic flight instrumentation system.

The aircraft - which has been co-developed by Bangalore's National Aerospace Laboratories - will also be targeted at the Australian market, where Mahindra Aerospace has already secured a foothold by acquiring a majority stake in aerospace components company Aerostaff and utility aircraft manufacturer Gippsland Aeronautics.

Mahindra has made no secret of its intention to expand its aircraft family to become "globally recognised as a manufacturer of cost-effective, efficient, robust utility aircraft, producing and supporting a portfolio of four to six models".

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