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Wind a likely factor in Global prang at Teterboro

A Bombardier Global Express XRS was substantially damaged on 21 April at Teterboro airport in New Jersey during an afternoon landing with gusty crosswind conditions.

According to Federal Aviation Administration reports and air traffic control recordings from, the wind was blowing from the north-west at 22kt (39km/h) and gusting to 31kt as N113CS, a Global registered to Connecticut-based Global Flight, was cleared for a landing on Runway 1 after a flight from Palm Beach international airport in Florida.

The runway orientation yielded a significant left crosswind component that would have required a left bank to counteract the wind. A steady stream of other aircraft were landing and taking off on the same runway before and after the incident, according to

The FAA says that the Global's left wing tip struck the runway pavement on flare and the aircraft "skidded down the runway". Airport fire and rescue responded, but the Global did not need assistance and exited the runway on its own, says the FAA. The prang was obvious to the tower controller, who asked twice on the radio if the pilot "needed assistance" during the roll-out. The next business jet to land on the runway reported that there was no obvious debris from the scrape.

Pilots initially reported minor damage to the aircraft, says the FAA, but its inspectors however found the effects of the scrape to be more substantial, including damage to leading edge of the left wing.

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