The Israeli air force has approved the display system concept for Elbit Systems' mission training centre for pilots of its Lockheed Martin F-16C/D and F-16I fighters.

Elbit says the approval decision is an important milestone towards establishing a fully fledged training centre as part of a $55 million contract previously awarded by the Israeli defence ministry.

Designed in co-operation with Barco, the new display system includes a 360° field of view, supporting a goal to "train as you fight". Elbit developed its image generator from the Presagis Vega Prime product. The system also uses Elbit's Targo helmet-mounted avionics display.

Elbit Systems F-16 simulator
 © Barco

Elbit says the new mission training centre will represent a significant breakthrough in the area of operational training. The system is designed to train pilots using a variety of mission scenarios and differing operational zones, with relevant threat environments in each.

The new centre will also allow the air force to conduct some of its training sorties using simulators rather than fighters, maximising the use of its existing resources.

Source: Flight International