Unofficial photos have emerged of EADS Military Air Systems' Barrakuda unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) demonstrator (pictured below).

EADS Barrakuda UCAV W445

EADS declines to comment on the classified project and details are sketchy. However, the picture shows a UCAV similar to artists' impressions released by EADS last year (pictured at bottom of page). The unmanned aircraft is believed to be around the same size as Boeing's X-45, which has a span of 10.3m (33ft 10in) and length of 8m, which would make it Europe's largest unmanned air vehicle.

The picture shows both the German and Spanish flags on the UCAV's tail, indicating a joint venture between the two countries' militaries on the project.

The UCAV is expected to take flight later this year.

EADS UCAV artist impression W445



Source: Flight International