Photographs have emerged of the damage done to two Finnish air force McDonnell Douglas F-18C/D Hornets that collided in mid-air last month.

The two fighters collided during a training flight on 4 May at 09:55. During the collision, one Hornet lost a wing tip, the other had its canopy sheared off (pictured below). Despite the damage suffered, both aircraft landed safely at Karelia air command in eastern Finland at around 10:15. 

No personnel were injured during the incident and no pilots ejected. 

An investigation has been launched by Karelia air command, where the Hornets are based.

In March the Finnish air force set up a review of its F-18 training procedures for conducting arrested landing following an October 2005 accident, during which a pilot missed an arresting cable and overshot the runway, resulting in aircraft damage totalling €200,000 ($240,000).

Finnish FA18 tail W445
Finnish FA18 canopy
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Source: Flight International