The captain and three of 44 passengers were killed when a Binter Mediterraneo Casa CN-235 crashed just short of the boundary of its destination airport at Malaga, Spain, on 29 August. Power loss is believed to have been a factor in the accident, and photographs of the wrecked aircraft, which came to rest on a road, show that the port propeller was feathered.


Of the surviving 42 passengers and two crew, 24 were injured - some seriously. The aircraft came down on flat ground, the main damage impact ocurring when it hit a low but steep embankment on which the road is situated. There was no fire.

The CN-235 was inbound from the Spanish enclave of Melilla on the north African coast situated across the Mediterranean from Malaga. A passenger said that the port engine had stopped before touchdown.

Binter, an Iberia subsidiary in the process of being sold to independent domestic operator Air Nostrum, runs around 100 flights a week between Melilla and the mainland.

Source: Flight International