The fourth model from Italian manufacturer Tecnam was one of many new light sport aircraft revealed at the US Sport Aviation show.

The Eaglet is a blend of the best qualities of the strutted Echo Super and the cantilevered Bravo. Eaglet is strutted, with a new look and resculpted wings, and larger door windows to allow better lateral visibility. Longer, more comfortable seat cushions accompany a redesigned instrument panel that will appear in Tecnam's other models in the future.

The nose cowl was lengthened, which reportedly enhances handling. Tecnam designed the P92 Eaglet after re-examining the light aircraft market and determining a significant need existed for a robust trainer from sport pilot to commercial training.

"Its roomy cabin with in flight adjustable seats, steerable nosewheel, toe brakes, all aluminum construction, and spring steel landing gear makes this plane the natural choice for discriminating buyers of all ages and levels of flight experience," says Tecnam.

The aircraft that was "born on a little field in Capua, Italy" has a cabin width of 1,140mm (45in). It holds 20kg (44lb) of baggage, has a service ceiling of 14,800ft (4,515m) and hits the LSA maximum take-off weight limit at 600kg. The useful load is 270kg. The P92 is priced at $112,000.

Tecnam is currently the fourth most successful manufacturer of light sport aircraft, holding 6% of the US market. The 60-year-old company's Echo Super, Bravo and Sierra models together have seen 68 deliveries. Tecnam has more than 2,100 aircraft flying.

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