Spacehab of Vienna, Virginia, which leases pressurised Spacehab modules to NASA for missions on the Space Shuttle, has been awarded a $42 million contract from the US space agency to provide modules for three Shuttle missions to support the assembly of the International Space Station (ISS).

A further $19 million will come from ISS international partners, which will make use of space on the modules. A potential for a further $22 million of business could result from leasing some space to commercial customers. An option for a fourth ISS mission could be worth $15 million, if exercised.

The first mission, the STS95 in October, will carry a single Spacehab research module, which will be followed by a double logistics module on the STS96 in December. The STS107, set for May 2000, will carry the first double research module, which will be leased to other international and commercial customers. A double logistics module is to be flown on the STS89 on 22 January, the penultimate Shuttle Mir Mission.o

Source: Flight International