THE US AIR FORCE has selected Boeing 757-200s to replace its ageing VC-137s (military Boeing 707s), operated by the 89th Airlift Wing for VIP travel. It says that Boeing's proposal provided "-the best balance of requirements, price and other considerations to the Air Force".

Four 757s, designated C-32As, will be delivered to the USAF during 1998. Under the terms of the $365 million deal, the Pratt & Whitney PW2040-powered aircraft will initially be leased, although the USAF will have the option to buy them during the lease period. USAF C-17 transports are powered by a military version of the PW2000, the F117.

Boeing has teamed with United Airlines to provide logistics support for the C-32As at Andrews AFB, Maryland, over a ten-year period. The team also will provide spares and perform aircraft and engine heavy maintenance.

The USAF plans to issue a request for proposals for two off-the-shelf business aircraft, to be designated C-37As, in October.

The US Air Force has awarded contracts worth $761 million to US airlines to transport US military personnel and property during fiscal year 1996-7. Winners include, Federal Express, American Trans Air, Air Transport International, Tower Air, American International, World Airways, Evergreen International, Rich International, Miami Air International and USAir.

Source: Flight International