Cessna has begun rolling out reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM) approvals for out-of-production Citation business jets.

The Citation V received RVSM certification in September and three more V-series Citation variants are scheduled for approval by year-end.

A service bulletin enabling Citation V operators to upgrade their aircraft for operation in RVSM airspace will be available in mid-October. RVSM bulletins for the Citation II and S/II are scheduled for November, with the bulletin for the Citation I due in December.

Honeywell supplies the equipment required for RVSM approval, including the AZ-252 digital air data computer, AM-250 air data/altimeter and VN-800 vertical navigation controller. The company also supplies RVSM-compliant equipment for the current range of Citations.

Reductions in vertical separation between aircraft from 2,000ft to 1,000ft (600m to 300m) are already in place over the North Atlantic, Australia and Pacific, and are due to be introduced in Europe and North America starting next year.

Modification centre Duncan Aviation, meanwhile, has obtained RVSM operational certification for the Lockheed JetStar II business jet. The Lincoln, Nebraska-based company also offers the upgrades for the Bombardier Challenger 600, Gulfstream II/IIB and G100 (formerly Israel Aircraft Industries' Astra) and JetStar 731, as well as several aircraft types for which no manufacturer approval is available.

Source: Flight International