The world’s only flying Avro Vulcan XH558 has just finished a hugely successful 2009 display season that took in appearances throughout the UK and mainland Europe.
But with an annual bill in excess of £2 million to keep it airworthy, the cold war bomber could be absent from European air shows next year unless fresh funding is found.
The aircraft’s operator, Vulcan To The Sky Trust, now needs funds to see the four-engined delta through its winter servicing to prepare it for 2010, and is trying to land some big sponsors.

A short film has been produced to celebrate the success of the past season which highlights how the “aluminium overcast” drives air show attendance: “As soon as the Vulcan was confirmed to appear, ticket sales took off and we had record attendance,” says Wg Cdr Nick Lea, chairman of the 2009 Royal Air Force Cosford air show committee.

“That was in no small part due to the ‘Vulcan effect’.”