VistaJet is poised to take delivery this month of the 200th Bombardier Challenger 300 super-mid-size business jet as the Austrian-based charter operator seeks to expand its global reach.

Salzburg-based VistaJet is one of the fastest growing operators in Europe, having grown its fleet to 13 aircraft since its launch in 2005. A further eight business jets will be added to the line-up by the end of the year, the company said at the show, including its first Challenger 850, earmarked for handover within the next couple of weeks.

"We took delivery of our third Challenger 605 earlier this month which, along with the 850, will be used to serve the popular London City airport market in the heart of London's financial district as both aircraft have steep approach capability," says VistaJet.


VistaJet recently placed orders and options for 60 Bombardier business jets, including 11 new mid-size Learjet 85s, which will help to spearhead its global expansion programme. The strategy gained momentum following its acquisition earlier this month of Bombardier's non-US charter arm Skyjet International.

Bing Chen, VistaJet chief executive, says Skyjet's strong branding will help to strengthen VistaJet's visibility across its key markets of Asia, the Middle East and Europe. "We have put our money where our mouth is," he says. "Demand for our aircraft is already very strong, with up to 1,200h committed to each aircraft. It is important that we build up the fleet so we reach a critical mass." This will allow VistaJet to operate more efficiently, pass on the costs to its customers and become even more competitive, Chen says, adding: "By 2013 we plan to have a fleet of around 90 business jets."

Source: Flight International