Eurocontrol is asking member states to commit to increasing national airspace capacity over the next five years so it can better predict future trouble spots.

The move comes after European delays hit an all-time high in June, when 37.3% of all flights were delayed by more than 15min, according to the Association of European Airlines (AEA).

Milan Malpensa was the airport with the highest delay rate for AEA airlines in the second quarter of the year, with 74.7% of departures delayed by an average of 52min each. It was followed by Barcelona (64.2%) and Madrid (57.4%).

Eurocontrol is trying to set up a system of non-binding agreements with each state under which they commit to capacity increases.

Dirk Deutschaever, director of Eurocontrol's central flow management unit, says the plan will work only if there is unified commitment to increasing capacity. Greece has become the first member state to support the arrangement.

Source: Flight International