The suite of FlightGlobal newsletters are sent to a circulation list of over 369,000 users every month, who have specifically opted in to receive the respective newsletter.

They provide recipients with the latest news, analysis and commentary for their area of interest or sub-sector of the aviation industry.


FlightGlobal currently produces 8 newsletters:

  • Flight International: Weekly - 67k+ subscribers
  • Airline Business: Weekly – 64k+ subscribers
  • Aerospace: Weekly - 54k+ subscribers
  • Defence: Weekly - 39k+ subscribers
  • Events: Key Events - 49k+ subscribers
  • Supplier Update: Bespoke – 36k+ subscribers
  • Sustainable Aviation: Monthly – 32k+ subscribers
  • JOBSEEKER: Fortnightly – 25k+ subscribers

All recipients have opted in to receive FlightGlobal newsletters. Advertising in our newsletters offers high-visibility for a competitive ROI

Format and features

We offer a number of flexible advertising solutions in each newsletter to elevate your brand and message.

These promotions include a headline banner at the top of the email , plus MPU ads in the email body.

Invest in one of our advertorial slots and your branding and content will blend seamlessly in to the newsletter navigation while highlighting your product or service.

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  • Advertising with FlightGlobal is high impact but also cost-effective.
  • Reach your target audience – your dedicated account manager will advise you on the best newsletter and placement to achieve your campaign goals
  • Keep track of your ROI – as your promotion is tracked you’ll be able to measure the ROI of your campaign. Your account manager will provide you with an end of campaign performance report.