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First Flight, a new podcast by FlightGlobal and hosted by Amber Elias, Head of Digital Engagement & Development, is an interview format series speaking to CEO’s, experts and innovators from across the aviation industry. It is released bi-weekly (every second week) and episodes are between 20-30 minutes.

First Flight aims to connect a broad audio audience with global thought leaders from across the aviation industry, including airlines, aerospace, defence, business aviation, passenger experience and commercial travel.

First Flight is the first podcast by FlightGlobal, an award-winning aviation media company.


  • Association with an award-winning aviation media company with an international reach
  • Wide audience of people connected and actively interested in the aviation industry
  • Content freely available on multiple platforms to ensure no barriers to audiences listening
  • Podcast format enables a wide variety of ways to convey your message, including options that involve no production costs for the advertiser/sponsor
  • 70% of listeners have considered a new product or service as a result of hearing a podcast ad*
  • 44% of listeners think more positively about companies that advertise on the podcasts they regularly listen to*
  • 37% of listeners say podcasts are the best way for an advertiser to reach them*
  • 44% of listeners agree that they pay more attention to advertising on podcasts than other media*
  • 47% of the USA population has listened to a podcast in the last month*
  • 34% of the USA population has listened to a podcast in the last week*
  • 67% of the USA population has ever listened to a podcast*
  • Weekly podcast listeners average eight episodes per week*

Get in touch

Please contact us to discuss advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Advertising opportunities

Pre-recorded advertisements

  • Commercial messages supplied by the advertiser with no input from FlightGlobal or the host.
  • Ads typically run for 15-30 seconds (30-second ad max) and the audio file for the ad is provided by the advertiser.
  • These ads can be duplicated across podcasts/episodes so are less bespoke.
  • Ads can be placed into podcast episodes during pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ad slots.

Host-read advertisements

  • Host-read advertisements are commercial messages delivered by the podcasters themselves.
  • They are bespoke and collaborative and can be written by FlightGlobal or the advertiser, with sign-off from the advertiser guaranteed.
  • Ads typically run for 15-60 seconds (60-second ad max).
  • Ads can be placed into podcast episodes during pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ad slots.

Branded Content

  • Branded content integrates promotional or advertising messaging within the editorial content of podcasts, either as a segment, an episode or a series.
  • It is bespoke and created by FlightGlobal in collaboration with the advertiser, in the format of the show.
  • It offers an in-depth message to the audience while seamlessly blending into the podcast experience.

Additional information

  • Advertisers and sponsors are listed in the show notes with relevant information and links (as supplied)
  • Social media creative assets promoting the episode will be supplied
  • Supporting social media campaigns can be booked for an additional fee
  • FlightGlobal uses Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI). The standard ad placement time is six months. DAI allows ads to be targeted to a specific audience, geography, time of day plus more
  • The back catalogue is available for pre-recorded/host-read advertisement bookings

Meet the team

Amber Elias, Host and Executive Producer

Based in London but from Sydney, Amber Elias is the head of digital engagement and development at FlightGlobal. Amber is an experienced journalist with over twelve years’ experience working in digital media across international brands and industries.

Graham Dunn, Content Advisor

Based in London, Graham is head of content and has been with FlightGlobal for over 20 years predominantly working across its online news platforms and Airline Business.  With a focus on developments across the airline industry as a whole, and within Europe in particular, Graham has also edited FlightGlobal daily papers from events such as the IATA AGM, moderates industry panels and co-presents the Airline Business podcast.